College ministry

The C3 College Ministry is an extension of Commerce Community Church which exists to serve the spiritual growth of the campus community through personal discipleship, Bible study, and corporate worship.

who we are

We are students created to love God by enjoying Him forever, and we seek to share this joy with each other, fulfilling the commission from Christ recorded in Matthew 28:18-20.

what we do

We meet. We hang out. We love. We serve. We work. We pray. We share. We do those things that form a community of committed believers of the Christian faith. Regular events we participate in include: Weekly corporate worship, monthly gatherings/hangouts, weekly community groups, weekly prayer meetings, semester Retreats, and missions conferences.

Book Study - Engaging a Disengaged Generation on Campus

Breakfast, Read, and Engage
one another in discussion.

Let’s have a conversation. Stephen Lutz’s book: “College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture”
No pre-reading, no homework, no assignments. Just show up and discuss

Join us every last Sunday of the month at the Tibboels' house from 8:30am-9:30am. 

Coming Soon!
C3 College Ministry Discipleship Retreat

Sign Up now and join us in Colorado for a week of intentional and deliberate Discipleship training and teaching. Plan to be stretched, to REST, to REFRESH, and to grow closer to Christ and closer to one another. We're planning for sometime in August 2022! 
Contact Kevin for more information..