Questions & Answers

What is the Gospel?

The Bible teaches that there is one God. He is the Creator and Ruler of all things. He made us in his image. He made us for himself. He made us good. We've all sinned against God in that we've all chosen to live for our own purposes rather than for the purposes of him who gave us life and who therefore knows what life is for. We've fallen away from the fellowship God meant for us to enjoy with him. God would be right and just to punish us eternally for our sin. But, in his great love and mercy, God the Father sent Jesus Christ his Son to earth to live the life that we have not lived and to pay the penalty of death that our deeds deserve as a substitute for sin. He rose again from death three days later to prove his victory over sin was final for all who would believe. Now God calls to all men through Jesus Christ to turn from sin, to believe on him, and to be reconciled to himself by his grace through faith. God promises us that if we will believe and embrace the good news about Jesus Christ that he will fill us with his Holy Spirit, restore our relationship with him, and call us his adopted children now and forever. 

What must I do to be saved?

To this question, the gospel, the "good news" of God revealed in his holy Bible replies like this: "Believe on the the Lord Jesus Christ." To learn more click here

What is your denomination?

More important than our denominational association is our desire to lift up the name and life of Jesus and to live according to His Word and Spirit. Having said that, Commerce Community Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and agrees with the major tenets of faith included in The Baptist Faith and Message. You will notice that unlike many SBC churches, we are led by a team of elders. This is possible because the SBC is organized in such a way as to allow individual congregations like ours the freedom to structure our church as we believe God has led us to. We are grateful for that freedom and for the legacy of faithfulness to God, love for the Scriptures, and love for worldwide missions we have from Baptists.

Why do you have elders?

Since we intend to always be a New Testament church existing for the supremacy of the name and purpose of Jesus Christ, we want to structure our church the way the early church did. One thing we've noticed from careful study is that those churches were led by elders. In most cases, there were several elders rather than only one. These elders were the spiritual fathers of the early church and were responsible for praying for the people, for teaching, and for leading their local congregation. Our elders are the spiritual leaders of C3. For more information about issues of doctrine and practice at C3 read our Elder Affirmation of Faith.

Do you have any weekday meetings?

Much of the life of C3 happens outside our Sunday worship gatherings. In our community groups we are able to grow together, know one another, and really live life together. Community groups happen on various nights of the week and in homes all over the community. They are a time to come together in a relaxed environment to study God's Word, pray together, and encourage one another.

How do I get involved in a community group?

Ask! Our Community Groups are the front door ministry of our church. This means that they are the place where you can meet in a smaller setting and learn more about C3, her ministries, and makeup. We hope you will feel right at home and that you will take much from your experience. We currently have many weekly Community Groups meeting Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Please go to the connect tab of our website or contact one of our elders to learn more or get directions. We hope to see you there! 

What is your theological position?

The single most important thing to learn about any church is what they believe! We believe this wholeheartedly. Through this website we are glad to be able to provide you with all the basic information you need to know about what we believe. Our affirmation of faith, member covenant, and elder covenant are all available to be downloaded. If, however, you still have questions and you'd like to learn more about what we believe, please contact one of our elders. They'd be happy to meet you and to answer your questions.

How do I become a member?

We take membership seriously at C3 because we believe God takes it seriously. Membership is for those who are trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation from sin and have been baptized in obedience to his command. If you are excited about being a part of what God is doing at C3 and desire to become a member, please contact the elders and they will get right back to you. We generally encourage folks to walk with us a few weeks before seeking to become a member. So come walk with us and experience the rich blessing that comes from engaging a family of believers like C3!