We take Jesus' words seriously at C3 and believe that abundant life and everlasting joy are forever tied to living in obedience to fulfilling God's missional mandate. Becoming a member of C3 means engaging in God's global strategy for the increase of his glory through the proclaimation of his gospel. Commerce, Texas is our mission field.

Call, Train, and Send

Missions exists because worship does not. 

This statement makes more sense when we understand two things:

  1. God created all men to find their utlimate satisfaction by worshipping him.
  2. Most men worship created things instead of the One who created them. God's heart for all the peoples of the earth is that they would seek and find their satisfaction in him.

C3 seeks to be a church that disciples children, youth, collegiates, singles, and families in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sends them out into local neighborhoods, onto college campuses, and over to foreign nations to be effective missionaries spreading a passion for the glory of God! 

The mission of Jesus IS the mission of His church.